Aganetha Dyck

Feb 23/09 –

Aganetha Dyck
Aganetha Dyck

MOPARRC had a special privilege of a dinner with Aganetha Dyck when she was in town for the opening of her solo show Collaborations at the Burnaby Art Gallery. The exhibit combines new work, including exquisite and exotic photographs from the inside of hives (by use of a flatbed scanner), with earlier projects. Besides the photos, there is sculptural work in which braille texts, fabric, drawings, lazer-cut metal and more are offered to the bees for their consideration and embellishment. It is clear that Aganetha Dyck has herself been considering and experimenting with various forms of collaboration: from inter-species collaborations to working with her son Richard Dyck (for the in-hive scanning) and with writers like poet Di Brandt. Aganetha is an impassioned advocate for bees and ecology as well as  generosity in art-making! the show runs until April 12/09.



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  1. Uwe Maass says:

    Hi Aganetha
    I love your phantastic Artwork with the bees. My grandfather had bees some years ago and I remember them well. Do you sell pieces of your work? I´m interested in a pair of shoes alterd by the bees. I like the black strappy sandals with rhinestones much. Would you sell them to me? Kind regards Uwe Maass

    1. Lois says:

      Thank you for your interest in our website. It was an honour to have Aganetha Dyck as a guest to MOPARRC.
      Please contact her through this site:

  2. S.H. Payne says:

    Great to finally connect with you and all your work. I’m about to publish a novel that follows a hive of honey bees, and their keeper.
    Please feel free to look at my new blogger site, and also my other blog,, which is all about bees and other critters.
    Looking forward to the presentation on June 1.

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