The Wedding Weave 2013

Hard to believe we got lucky enough to have 3 of  the 4 days we were working outside sunny and mild mid February… in Vancouver Canada!

It all began when we ( MOPARRC) received a  generous donation to the garden for a community art project on behalf of a local couple who were newly married. I love this as an idea as a rethink of traditional  gift giving. We then got some help  with EYA’s support from Vancouver Park Board’s Neighbourhood Matching Fund.

So last fall Kim and Jamie  ( the newlyweds) met up with me to  plan the event and we came up with the idea of the hillside weave. We picked our dates  of Feb 16, 17, 23 and 24 way back in early September and I was banking on the fact we usually get a false spring right around now…  isn’t it great when these things work out?

One of the goals for the project was to make the hillside easier to walk on, and define clearer pathways that can be woodchipped for getting up and down the hill.  And while we were at it- it made sense to turn our willow crops into a living woven sculpture! what we have done will hopefully begin to root, and with time and  willow-whip training, we will have green arches and a green arbour to stroll through as we make out way down the hill.

here is what the land looked like in 2002-  when the garden was just about to begin with Oliver, EYA, CACV  and community…!cid_ii_13cf143c00c49fe8

Oliver’s artist rendering of the future willow…

And here we are now!IMG_3346

At least, this is what it looked like in mid January, but that has changed rapidly too… we had 4 incredible creative work days with an amazing group of people who came out to help and I am blown away by how much we have accomplished!

Day 1:

wove columns to define a pathway and arbour area

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 2:

wove path edges on first terrace and wove arch with skylight for second terrace

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Day 3:

wove pathway arches on west side of garden and terraformed next terrace

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

and then the rain came for our 4th day,

but we still  wove terrace supports and  pathway edges!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has been  probably the best medicine for end-of-winter-blues one could wish for.

Great  groups of folks, sunshine (sometimes liquid) and a huge sense of accomplishment! What more could I ask for?

Thanks to everyone who came out and played a part, and I look forward to seeing you in the garden again soon!

 All of the photos from this project can be viewed on flickr here


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