Join in the Snake March!

On May 13th we hope to March the Snake up Main street, and have it become a resident of the MOP garden, ssslithering his way into the newly woven willow crops…. Can you join us?  sign up here so we know you are in!

If we don’t have enough people commit, we will have to find another method of travel.

The snake is on display at Sun Yat Sen in the water until  May 8th- he will be out of the water  to dry off and shed excess water weight for a few days before we move him… With luck we will have musical accompanyment too for the last half of our journey!

Please meet at Sun Yat Sen by 4.45pm on the Monday 13th, we will leave  the garden and head to MOP  by 5pm sharp!

As  knowing we have enough people to move the snake is important, please confirm your spot by reserving your space on eventbrite (link above) and then show up!

The March will be cancelled and eventbrite registrants notified 24 hours before the event if not enough snake marchers are on tap…

Want to see the snake making process from January and what it looks like in it’s current home? check this out.




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