Garden photos by Dan and Rebecca’s cherry birch shoes

 Local photographer Dan Siney came out to MOP a few weeks back and took some photos of the goings on in the garden- photos specifically for a magazine article ( more on that later). Dan is old school- has never had a digital camera, and several of us stopped talking and listened in awe at the whir his camera made as it rewound a roll of film- still common-place a decade ago yet totally foreign now!  Dan was kind enough to send me  pics for some posting. Enjoy! My highlight for the day was having Rebecca Graham show up to help sort some sticks and gather some for a community project- and bring back the shoes she made with the bark she harvested when we did spring tree pruning. The shoes are lined with birch bark her sister sent her from the east coast, and  west coast cherry bark on the outside-  Canadian bi-coastal shoes…

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