HOT August Happenings

Much is going on this month, some of it in the garden itself- but also  the garden ripples outwards, seeding ideas in other communities!

Saturday August 10th- 11am -3pm 

our monthly work party at MOP, would love to have peoplel out to help with the mid summer weeding, including cutting back the scotchbroom, an iinvasive  we shall be putting to use…. there are also beries ready for picking! so break time at the berry vines!

Monday August 12th 5.30-8.30 at Maclean Studio, corner of Heatley and Keefer st in Strathcona.

Join us for the cooking of the  scotchbroom! we will be sorting and cooking down the fibres as our first step to extracting the spinnable bast fibre from the plant. Bring along  a project to work on; crocheting,  basketwork, or whittling… a good time to sit outside and work while the fibres brew. Nothing  creative on the go? We can change that!

Tuesday August 13th 5.30-8.30 at Maclean Studio, corner of Heatley and Keefer st in Strathcona. Dancing the broom! calling all musicans and dancers- we need you! come out with your instruments and help in setting the beat for an up tempo dance step as we dance the fibre off the stocks Italian style!

Wednesday August 14th 5.30-8.30 at Maclean Studio, corner of Heatley and Keefer st in Strathcona. Pounding the fibre and washing sorting, getting it ready for a week of drying in the sun.

Thursday August 15th 5.00-8.30pm at Aberthau House: West Point Grey Community Centre.

Fibre Feast Celebration: A social event for garden and textile folk.

Find out what is happening with the flax that grew in the MOP annual residency bed- what is the next step?

Meet other textile artists, and learn about growing and dying your own linen fibre in amongst food crops. Bring your knitting, drop spindle, spinning wheel or other fibre project

5pm-6.30 Opening community dance workshop: Mirae Rosner leads a short dance workshop  all welcome

6.30-7pm project talk

7-8.30  sample food made   using the same  crops growing in our flax bed, show off your own textile work. Meet other artists including Victoria-based Flax to Linen folk, Tracy Williams: Squamish Nation weaver, Knit Social Collective, Baad Anna’s Drop Spindlers’ Circle and the Urban Weaver Studio members who are growing flax and building  flax processing gear.

Monday August 19th 5.30-8.30 at Maclean Studio, corner of Heatley and Keefer st in Strathcona.

Drop spindling! come out and play with the scotchbroom fibres,  practice drop spindling,  assist with carding the fibres and finishing off our processsing experiment.

Thursday August 22 5.30-8.30 Hillside music jam and U-PICK berry fest!

Join us at MOP garden on the hill for some good ol’fashioned Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn  Orchestra sing-a-long time.


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