2014 artist residency bed: call for submissions!

Means of Production  Artists Garden

 Call for  Proposals 2014

The annual residency bed at the MOP garden is available for the 2014 growing season for a local artist/ artist team to grow a project.

About the garden:

Begun in 2003 by Oliver Kellhammer and Environmental Youth Alliance with support from Vancouver Park Board and Community Arts Council of Vancouver, the MOP garden grows artists’ crops for use in community projects. Crops include willow, hazel, bamboo, paper making and natural dye plants as well as many fruit crops for community consumption. Located at the corner of east 6th and St Catherines the garden runs down the hill to Great Northern Way and is faced on the east by North China Creek Park. The garden and materials are co-managed by EYA and MOPARRC, the artists’ collective that uses the crops and creates local community events on site.

The Annual Residency Bed:

Approx.  25 ft by 17 ft the plot is mostly sunny and sits at the top of the garden, close to the sidewalk on E. 6th.  An apple tree is on the s/e corner of the bed and is tended by EYA/ MOPARRC for annual pruning.

The  bed is surrounded on two sides by a short, living-willow fence,  residing artist is welcome to trim and use the willow clippings throughout the season. Flowers, weeds, fruit trees and blueberry bushes surround the site perimeter. The soil is very fertile, tends to get weedy and ready for planting!


The selected  artist/artist team will be responsible for keeping the site tended and cared for, including watering the top garden once a week in exchange for the land use.

Access to all garden tools in the shed provided.

The artist/artist team is responsible for fund raising any costs attached to the project, there is no funding provided to the project by MOPARRC or EYA.

The artist will work with the MOPARRC artists in planning an appropriate time to feature the  project at a public celebration, the garden normally hosts 1-2 teaparties a year for community.

Documentation of the project can be shared on the MOP website, and MOPARRC can send out regular updates on the project though the moparrc  monthly newsletter.

Once a month, work parties are held at MOP from January-October. The artist/artist team is welcome to participate and get to know the garden and community, at these events many hands can be available to assist with the artist’s project as required.

Access and use of crops grown at MOP is very possible, please state in your application any crops you think are wanting to access.

Generally, the top bed is like a “living lab,” a place to experiment in environmental art and the connection between agriculture and art. We welcome project submissions that make use of the land, the growing season, and connect with the local community. A strong presence in the garden is encouraged.



  • project statement of intent- max 500 words
  • project timeline- I page, include approx. planting times,  any community events, approx. harvest
  • C.V.
  • Artist statement
  • Artist bio
  • 2-5 j-peg images of past related work with image list or video under 5 minutes

Connection to the community?

 If you have a connection to the area, please  provide a short ( 250 word) description of your involvement in the local community.


  • Put  your address and email contact on your project statement
  • Label each file with your  last name and email with attachments to moparrc@gmail.com
  • Deadline  November 15 2013  (selection announced by December 15th)

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