Terroir: 2014 MOP happenings.

Terroir, a french word, is the term that refers to a product that is made from the land being imbued with the environmental  conditions of the land.

Think wine.

The soil particulars; north facing hill vs south facing, the rain fall of any given season…. all of these factors affect the flavour of the wine in question.

This very word embodies the opposite of globalized mass production and mass consumption, where even the malls that objects are bought from look the same.

2014 will find us at MOP (and a few other nearby sites) pushing to discover the terroir of the objects created from crops grown or foraged on site. Brian Jones will be growing a variety of wheat and rye grasses for traditional weaving in the annual residency bed alongside common milkweed that will be grown for cloth processing.

Tracy Williams and Sharon Kallis will conduct foraging and processing workshops throughout the year; exploring specifically  the native tree section of the garden in search of traditional fibre plants that can be processed and blended together for local cloth.

Stayed tuned for workshop details and the 2014 events schedule!


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