May 2014 garden update

At the moment it feels like perhaps the garden has never before been so busy, nor so  stunning to visit. It is looking at its best right now.

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We have had a change in the way we make our fences. A nice cordage roll top keeps it strong, yet open sides mean easier weeding and less willow used, so we have been able to share crops this season for other projects!

milssa btfy grdn3
photo credit Milisa Gardy

IMG_1120Folks from the area came and helped me build a new fence at the Trillium North Site, where flax will be grown for the Terroir Urban Cloth Project. I was able to teach them the basics of the technique and help  problem solve how to lead a group… They are making a butterfly friendly garden at a nearby multifamily housing complex. Milisa who is leading the project with her friend Dottie  had this to say, “It was really nice to work together with our hands and combined efforts.  We have peaked the interest of kids and neighbours at Stamps…. It was so rewarding to meet Ariadne who lives just a couple units down from the garden site who will help to watch over the garden and encourage the children to respect & care for it after it is built.”

photo credit Milisa Gardy
photo credit Milisa Gardy

It was such a n amazing thing getting community help in  sharing labour, and having that task also be an opportunity for skill exchange that pollinates out around the community. Pollination as a concept being very fitting directed at a butterfly garden…

Big thanks to the Park Board nursery staff for new plants, and to all the great MOP and EYA volunteers that have made the garden what it has become. June promises many opportunities to come out and enjoy the garden in different ways, so stay tuned for our June events post- and happy garden days where ever you are!


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