Community Variety Show, Saturday November 21st

To build and celebrate community, the Community Variety Show was a free event on Saturday November 21st, 5-9pm at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (MPNH) in the East and West Hall.

community variety show poster-final

This is a big thank you to everyone who helped the Community Eco-Quilt and Community Variety Show come full circle!

It was an inclusive celebration of the communities that made the eco-print quilt workshops possible. The quilt is now hanging on the fire mantel in the lobby of Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House. It is a metaphor of individuals creating collective community, secure in their identity within a multicultural society.

The show featured the Community Eco-Quilt, Children’s Textile Workshop, the Means of Production Artists Raw Resource CollectiveEnvironmental Youth Alliance, the Full Time Optimist, As Above, Tiddley Cove Morris Dancers, Wildheart Storytelling, Chinook and The Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra.Plus the mic was on between acts so folks could make an announcement, sing, dance or play music. Plus the energy of approximately 50 people!

Everybody involved had the chance to make a deep connection with our community and land. We met a diverse group of different ages, race, economic status, language, and physical or mental challenges. We learnt that connecting and respecting the land with community is one of the greatest tools we can share to gain a greater sense of place. The Means of Production garden collective is thrilled to be collaborating with our Neighbourhood House!

The rewards wouldn’t be possible without our Neighbourhood Small Grant and partnership with Means of Production (MOP) and Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (MPNH). The community house highlighted on the cover of the MPNH newsletter, donated the hall for the Community Variety Show and are featuring our quilt on the lobby fire mantel! Plus the Means of Production blog keeps you all updated. They are both giving us a place to celebrate the metaphor of a quilt with support along the way. We couldn’t ask for more.

The workshop series is over, but check out the Means of Production eco-printing workshop details here:

To learn more about Means of Production Artists Raw Resource Collective check out our website at

Funding from Neighbourhood Small Grants has made this project possible.#VFNSG Vancouver Foundation


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