Join the last eco-printing workshop this Sunday!

Come help sew our community quilt this Sunday between 9:30am-1:30pm at Trillium North Park!

eco-printing poster-november

Admission is free, all ages are welcome- there will be a children’s craft!, tea from the MOP garden and light snacks will be provided.

This Sunday’s workshop will include the most thrilling part of the process! We will unbundle our eco-prints. The colours are always a surprise! Next we will design our quilt and hand-sew our panels together with elderberry dyed wool. Together we will also harvest a small bundle of plants for those who want to try eco-printing. Each participant can take one panel home!

The quilt will be featured at the Neighbourhood Small Grants Community Celebration and installed in the lobby at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House. It can be a metaphor of individuals creating collective community, secure in their identity within a multicultural society. People of many cultures and time periods have used quilting to pass down their traditions and history. Just as our families are unique when looked at separately, collectively we all contribute to the vitality of our community when woven together. The process of sewing our eco-printed patches together represents our journey of understanding interconnectedness in such a place with tolerance and unity in mind.

To celebrate the quilt an art opening will happen at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House on Saturday November 21st between 5-9pm.


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