2018 events at MOP

Please visit the EartHand Gleaners events page for up to date content on what is going on at MOP, or follow EartHand Gleaners Society on facebook.

Important dates to mark on your calendar for 2018:

MOP public stewardship sessions: Saturdays are 10am-1pm, Sunday sessions at 2-5pm

Saturday March 10, Sunday April 15, Saturday May 12, Saturday June 9, Saturday July 14, Sunday August 12, Saturday September 8th, Sunday October 21.

Stewardship sessions are lead by Jaymie Johnson. Meet our stewardship coordinator!

email earthandsteward(at)gmail.com and find links for 2018 stewardship session reserved spaces here.

Celebration events Include:

Saturday June 9- 1-4pm, hillside celebration and blackberry weaving, with Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra

Saturday July 14- 10am-2pm, Forage and Fibre Walk: examining grasses for weaving.

Starting at the Means of Production Garden ( corner of East 6th and st Catherines) we walk to Trillium, investigating the plant fibres along the way- walking and spinning, ropemaking or weaving! expected arrival time at Trillium 12.30pm music with Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra

Friday August 10 5.30-8.30pm An evening stroll, again starting  from Means of Production garden- with lots of surprises and interactions along the way! This will be a larger celebration, a culmination of multiple walks and site investigations.



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