This is archival information from MOPARRC’s past programming.


2nd Saturday Work Parties continue from March through October- (with the odd exceptions!) 11am-3pm

March 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, follow us on facebook for postings on  various events

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2nd Saturday Work Parties continue from March through October- (with the odd exceptions!) 11am-3pm

June 14, July 19, August 9, September 27, October 11

Terroir: Urban Cloth Project

Terroir is the main event happening at MOP, as well as other near by sites. Find out all about our growing cloth project here

Monday September 1st 2-5pm

JOIN US: Harvest Celebration  for the Urban Cloth Project!


Thursday  July 3 7 pm   Legion of Flying Monkeys concert and video shoot, come be a part of the audience and enjoy the  shady hillside and music.

Tuesday  July 8 6-8:30pm  Fibre dye harvesting – gathering berries and bark for future dye projects of the Means of Production fibre- for hte installation to be made on site as a part of the Urban Cloth Project

Saturday July 19 11am-3 pm Join in for foraging fibre plants and general  garden clean up work in the shady area of the garden.

Wednesday July 9 and 23  6-8 pm  As a part of the Urban Cloth Project, dance with us through-out the spring, summer and fall. Explore connections between labour, land and community as the growing season inspires our dances. Ongoing sessions will lead towards participatory performances linking place & local materials. Wear movement friendly footwear, sun hat or rain gear. Open to all. Contact Mirae for more information: miraerosner (at)
Wednesday July 30 6.30 pm Potluck picnic and garden tour with the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood house Food Connections Group. Meet some neighbours, enjoy the garden and learn about the  plantings at MOP  that grow specifically for  use in creative applications. Musical instruments? Paper? Cloth? Dye? Tools?….Yes!


Tuesdays  6-8.30pm June 3, 17

Fibre research/foraging/harvesting on site with Sharon Kallis and Tracy Williams

Wednesdays 6-8pm June 4, 18

Dance in the Outdoors: Explore connections between labour, land and community as the growing season inspires our dances with Mirae Rosner

Saturday June 14  11-3pm,

Weed and Weave event. Our usual weeding day just so happens to fall  within the second annual weekend National Garden Days time-frame. Join us in weeding and weaving a small  work made on site with our green waste.


July 30 6.30 pm- on. Join for a Food Connection Potluck and garden tour, connected with  Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House Food Connections Initiative. Follow the link to find out more


Monday, 1st- Labour Day! Join us for a celebration and exchange of the Terroir project research.  A tea party and more, maybe even a flax harvest!  2-5pm

2013  Schedule of Events:

Our general work parties are always the 2nd Saturday of the month  March- September from 11-3,

Mark your calendars and come on out to MOP!

Here is our full list of seasonal events including a brief overview of what you might see in our Artist in Residence (AIR)  bed- this year is  Flax to linen: being managed by resident artist Caitlin French with  tech support by Penny Coupland. Keep an eye on the Residency page for updates or  read the Urbanweaverstudio blog for all the facts to grow your own flax!

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The Wedding Weave Amphitheatre

Dates: Feb 16, 17, 23, 24 11-3pm

free, with a maximum  for participation: please preregister  here

Jamie and Kim invite you to join them in working with Means of Production (MOP) artists Sharon Kallis and David Gowman in the weaving of a living willow sculpture that will provide shade in the MOP performance area.

Using the willow grown on site, the sculptural form created will weave between living willow crops; defining a new switchback pathway and provide a growing, ever- changing backdrop to future MOP performances for community projects.

Interested participants can register for one or multiple days, the workshops are free but space is limited so weaving techniques can be taught. Techniques used are perfect for use in small gardens for trellis building. Please dress weather appropriate, in shoes with a good tread as the work is hillside. For more information about MOP please visit the website at  Tea provided, potluck snacks encouraged.

We would like to thank Sean McIntyre, Environmental Youth Alliance and Vancouver Park Board for their contribution in making this project possible!

In the  AIR Flax to Linen bed:
Remove weeds, dig over, top dress with bone meal for potassium, add a compost dressing on top for potassium.


Saturday March 9 11-3 pm,   Monthly Work party: show up AND GET YOUR HANDS IN THE EARTH!  Everyone welcome to participate.

Sunday March 10th 11-3pm Weaving Hazel Wattle Hurtles!

free, with a maximum  for participation: please preregister  here

Join our very own local Welshmen; Brian Jones, who will lead us in weaving new hurtle fences with the hazel harvested on site. The fences will be used as a part of the switchback pathway being created down the hill from the bamboo to the hazel crops.

In the  AIR Flax to Linen bed:  late March to May
Remove weeds, rake soil flat, broadcast seed, tread in, water if necessary.


Saturday April 13th, 11-3 pm,   Monthly Work party: show up AND GET YOUR HANDS IN THE EARTH!  Everyone welcome to participate.

Stay tuned for sculptural weaving opportunities on the hillside with Ken Clarke


May 1, 8, 15, 22,  Wednesdays, 6-8:30pm

Basket-bombing for Ken Spencer Science Park: ( working in MOP garden)

A new way to think about leaving your mark! Not guerilla knitting, not stencil tagging, but basket-bombing! Working with Sharon Kallis at Means of Production Garden, participants will do a bit of material gathering of grasses and bind weed and learn simple coiling techniques to create beautiful small forms that will installed at the new Ken Spencer Science Park at Science World around the planting area.

Leave a corner of the world in better shape then you find it: a little weeding, a little weaving, and something beautiful transpires.

Participants are encouraged to bring a bagged dinner for break time, all tools supplied, no experience necessary but some hand strength /dexterity required.Free, but limited registration, please pre-register here

Saturday May 11th 11-3 pm,   Monthly Work party: show up AND GET YOUR HANDS IN THE EARTH!  Everyone welcome to participate.

Sunday May 13th 5- 6.30pm Snake March!

Join us moving the snake from Sun Yat Sen Garden to MOP! more info and sign up here:

Saturday May 25th  11-3pmUrban eco-forestry 101:

free, with a maximum  for participation: please preregister  here-

MOP founding artist Oliver Kellhammer will lead a walk through MOP garden and show examples of how the MOP model of garden planning stabilized the hillside as well as created opportunities for creative production through plant choices. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Means of Production Garden and Oliver will talk a bit about the changing landscape of  MOP use over the past 10 years.  A lesson in grafting and participation in some sheet mulching and general garden clean up will complete the day.

SundayMay 26th, 3-6pm

MOP tea party! Save the date and  stay tuned ; the garden event of the year is being planned…


Saturday June 8th 11-3 pm,   Monthly Work party: show up AND GET YOUR HANDS IN THE EARTH!  Everyone welcome to participate.

Tuesday/Wednesday, June 4 & 5   6-8pm Bee herding fence  at MOP

Our bee herding fence that helps the bees come out of their homes and fly high over heads by a footpath is getting a bit seasonally worn, time for a spruce up! We will do some trimming and clipping from around the native tree section and use other materials grown on site. No registration required.

In the AIR Flax to Linen Bed: June or July depending on  seeding time

When seedlings are 10cm tall, one barefoot weeding of plot (barefoot because the seedlings are so delicate and will die if crushed).


Saturday  July 6th 11-3 pm,   Monthly Work party: show up AND GET YOUR HANDS IN THE EARTH!  Everyone welcome to participate.


Saturday  August 10th 11-3 pm,   Monthly Work party: show up AND GET YOUR HANDS IN THE EARTH!  Everyone welcome to participate.  Cutting the Scotchbroom! Volunteers will assist in cutting back the Scotchbroom and are encouraged to come out to the  MacLean Park Field house- AKA the Urban Weaver Studio  in the following week and help with  further research in dancing the Scotchbroom to fiber, curious to know more? Watch this video and find all the info on the events page here

Solar Dye Workshops

August 3, 17, 24 12noon-3pm Dye your own wool with natural materials from the Means of Production Garden. Come learn about the many locally available dye plants in the community garden, and pick up some basic principles on natural dyeing so that you can learn to dye at home with plants from your own garden.

Dye materials and wool provided. BYOJ (Bring your own Jar). Instructor Emily Smith. Free, registration required: please pre-register here

In the AIR Flax to Linen Bed:  Late July or August depending on the season:

90 days after germination we can expect a full flush of flowers in the flax crop

10 days after the full flush (maximum amount) of flowering has occurred is the time to harvest. Plants have to be pulled up by the roots in dry weather and stacked root end up either in the sun or indoors to dry. Once dry they can be stored indefinitely before retting.


Saturday September 14th 11-3 pm,   Monthly Work party: show up AND GET YOUR HANDS IN THE EARTH!  Everyone welcome to participate.

Stay tuned for Flax processing demos coming to a place near you, with opportunities to process your own flax crop if you are growing your own.


EYA work/play MOP garden events
Sundays, 1-4 pm

Join in for some garden time; getting your hands dirty, meet one of the artists working out of the garden and learn something new about how  the crops at MOP are used for creative projects.   Number of participants is occasionally limited,  pre-registration through EYA  encouraged by contacting Claire at: volunteer(at)

These activities are primarily intended to  create cross-over between the EYA volunteers and  the MOP garden crops and intended uses, but all are welcome! Events will contiunue monthly through into Septenber and will be announced   later this spirng.

March 18  get to know the garden! top bed  focus- early season plant identification, transplanting and bed edge willow weaving with Sharon Kallis. max 16

April 8 Weed and Seed, pulling early morning glory and other weeds, and seed sculpture project with Ella Cooper max. 30

May 1  terra-formed stage maintenance  and intro to the horns made  by David Gowman from local  Empress and Alder wood that perform on the hillside. max 16

June 3 Weeding and Weaving:  general weeding of garden beds and maintenance weaving of existing structures on site with Sharon Kallis max 16

2011 Archived Activities

We have talks, lectures and workshops happening at various locations this season including: Britannia Community Centre, Secret Lantern Society Studio, Moberly Arts Centre, Rhizome Cafe and of course, the M.O.P Garden! Please pay close attention to event locations, and note pre-registration signs, we are thrilled to offer such a wide variety of free programs, but space may be limited. Registration can happen thru this website’s side panels, or by contacting Britannia Community Centre for programs happening at the centre.

Talks and Lectures

MOPARRC Artist Talks at Britannia Library Art Gallery: 1661 Napier St.

First Wednesday of the month: 7-8.30pm

Each of the MOPARRC artists will give an artist talk, each focusing on their work at the Means of Production Garden. No registration required.

June 1 Lori Weidenhammer

Lori Weidenhammer’s apicultural installation and bee-centric performances merge citizen science, agriculture, and folklore with performative actions.

July 6 Sharon Kallis

Sharon Kallis involves community in re-purposing invasive or unwanted organic materials to create collaborative materials-based site specific installations using traditional hand based techniques.

August 3 David Gowman

David Gowman creates musical instruments from what grows nearby and engages community in participatory musical experiences. Each artist will speak about their work in the garden this season and the specifics of their own approach to a community engaged environmental art practice.


MOP Garden Talk and Picnic Series

Thursdays, 6-8pm

JOIN us in the Means of Production Garden over 4 Thursday nights with your own picnic and listen to informal presentations from people in our community with environmental , creative ideas and experiences to share. No registation required.

July 21,

Todd Devries: “ ith kil gaa” and “gannyaa” designate is of the Tsiij Git’Anee Eagle (Guud) Clan of the Haida Nation on Haida Gwaii.  Todd is a a traditional cedar weaver, this talk and demonstration will focus on Todd’s discovery of working with cedar. Todd will be sharing harvest principles and techniques of working with cedar and bring examples of his work. Bring your own picnic and blanket.

July 28

Green City Living – Growing Your Own Sprouts: Allison Houser, Community Development Coordinator, Evergreen, will give a brief intro to Evergreen and enlighten you on how to enjoy the summer-fresh taste of sprouts year-round by growing them at home. Learn what sprouting is, why you should sprout, how to sprout. We hope to give you your very own sprouting jar to take home too!

August 4

Travis Warren Landscape designer Travis Warren will be discussing ways of increasing habitat for birds through plant choices, what different  bird species add to biodiversity  and how to foster a variety of birds in backyards and community gardens.  Bring your own picnic and blanket. No registration required

Aug. 11

A Greener Vancouver – Native Plants and Creative Restoration: Stephanie Levy, Project Manager, Evergreen, will give a presentation on the native plants of Lower Mainland, the creative solutions Evergreen has used as part of its restoration work, and provide some thoughts on how to make Vancouver a greener city.


details clockwise from top left: N.Singer:lanterns,L.Weidenhammer:garden journal, D.Floren: frenecirces,P.Courtmanche: solar componentry, S.Kallis: invasive basketry, D.Gowman: panflutes,R.Ripley: Traces, D.Burgoyne:talking bugs

at Britannia Library Gallery:1661 Napier St.

Register either in person at the Britannia information centre or by phone 604 718 5800, note the registation number will be required and you will need a Brittania Society Membership, The membership is $3 for 1 year or Seniors $1

How to Make an Elderberry Horn

Saturday,    April 30, 1:00-3:30pm registation code 42421.201BR

Join Mr. Fire-Man from the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra and learn the basics of making and playing a wood horn from local materials.  Familiarize yourself with the flora, tools and techniques necessary to begin your own woodwind instrument career.  Some woodworking skill necessary.  No previous musical skill required.  For ages 15 and up. Limited to 12 participants.

How to Make a Solar Lantern

Saturday, May 14th 1-3.30 pm                     registration code 42421.202BR

Ever wondered about making your own solar powered gear? In this workshop Peter will demystify the process of working with solar panels. Participants will assist in transforming and rebuilding solar lights into componentry that will be used for a solar powered installation of lanterns at the Twilight Tea Party, and leave with the knowledge to go home and make their own solar powered lights. Artist instructor: Peter Courtemanche

Garden Journal Workshop with Madame Beespeaker

Sunday, May 15, 1-3:30 pm registration code 42421.203BR

Using collage techniques, participants will create a garden journal out of envelopes which will hold their garden plans, secrets, dreams, recipes, and memories. Each person will receive local flower seeds saved by Madame Beespeaker as well as herbal tea recipes and tips on gardening for bees, butterflies, and song birds. Create a garden journal as a lovely gift for yourself or your favourite gardener. To personalize your journal you may bring copies of family photos (5 inches by 5 inches or smaller would work best).

Buzzy Light Bugs

Sat. June 4th 1-3.30 pm registration code 42421.204BR

Participants will learn about incorporating electronics with nature to make an artwork that will become a part of the twilight tea party installation at the MOP garden on June 26th.  By weaving electronics around rocks or plant materials or by modelling the circuit into insect sculptures, participants will create solar-powered audio creatures using light sensitive buzzers and make sound recordings. Be sure and come to the MOP garden on June 26th to see the installation of buzzy light bugs come to life.

Artist instructor: Diana Burgoyne

adults max 10

at Secret Lantern Society Studio: 328 Industrial Avenue (2 blocks East of Main, 2 blocks South of Terminal)

side bar registration now open!

Light headed Lantern making with Naomi Singer

2 workshops: Sundays, June 5th or  12th,  12noon-3pm
Participate in either of these workshops to assist in making a solar illuminated lantern installation with Naomi Singer at Secret Headquarters (the studio of the Secret Lantern Society). Using tissue paper, petals, twigs and other natural materials from the MOP garden, participants will create head-shaped lanterns using a styrofoam form as the mould. Once complete the new lanterns will be outfitted with solar technology to bring them to life. The lanterns will be featured as a community installation at the MOP twilight tea party on June 26th (8-10pm) and displayed at future MOP evening events and the Winter Solstice Lantern Festival. All participants will be acknowledged on a laminated sign to be displayed whenever the lanterns are used.
Maximum: 10, preregistration required register on eventbrite  by clicking on registation tab in right hand column
Related programming:
May 14 workshop with Peter Courtmanche will be making the solar componentry for this installation.
About the installation: Light-headed is a solar powered lantern project that plays on the concept of personal illumination. The 10 head-shaped portrait lanterns will invoke the “eureka moment” we hope to inspire regarding the conversation between art and science. A head lit from within is inspired, it contains spirit, it holds an idea. And when we put our heads together, anything is possible.

at the M.O.P. Garden: Corner of E. 6th and St. Catherines

invasive basketry shade structures at the MOP garden

July  12, 13 & Aug 8,9,10

Mon, Tues, Wed,  5-8pm


Sharon Kallis will lead community in the site specific design, creation and installation of shade umbrellas made with invasive materials in the garden such as scotch broom, blackberry, and morning glory.  Community members working together will learn easy techniques of coil basketry to create shade structures for the newly designed top garden sitting area.  Bring your own picnic dinner to enjoy in the garden and spend some time working alongside your neighbours creating a new art installation for the MOP garden. Activities include harvesting, material prepping and basket making. (no experience necessary). No registration required.

Pan Flute Making and  Community Ensemble              Ages 16-adult

2 workshops August 7 or 21, 4-7pm

The community is invited to participate in creating their own pan flute from bamboo grown on site in the garden, then find pitch and begin to create tone. Working collaboratively, participating community will work to become a pan flute ensemble featured at the Shade and Song Tea Party ( August 28) playing with the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra. Participants are required to come to one of the Sunday making workshops and commit to at least two practice drop-in sessions. No previous musical or woodworking experience necessary. Bring your own picnic.

playing workshops:

Tuesday, Aug 16,Thursdays Aug 18, 25 6-8 pm

Working collaboratively, participating community will work to become a pan flute choir featured at the August 26 Shade and Song tea party with the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra.

Moberly Arts Centre Residency: 7646 Prince Albert St ( South Vancouver)

Cultivating Connections: A Cultural Herb Garden Project

register by phone, 604-718-6521, note the program registration code

Watch for free workshops at the Sunset lobby, Moberly
Arts & Cultural Centre and in the herb garden.
Community members will have the opportunity to weave
a willow trellis, make seed balls, learn a variety of plant
propagation techniques and share their cultural culinary
wisdom along with numerous other arts and gardening
events!  Moberly Brochure
Cultivating Connections was made possible through a Community and Neighbourhood Arts
Development grant from the City of Vancouver, Office of Cultural Services

Seed Starting Saturday, April 2 10:00am-12:00pm

Instructors: Aimee Taylor & Lori Weidenhammer registration code 62601.201SN
A free workshop-open to all! Learn how to create the
best starting environment for your seeds. Supplies will
be provided to start your vegetable and herb garden off in
the spring. Held in the lobby at Sunset Community Centre

Herbal Seed Balls for Pollinators Saturday April 16 10:00am-12:00pm

Lori Weidenhammer     registration code 62601.202SN
Seed balls originate from an ancient form of agriculture
performed by creating balls of seeds, clay, and compost
and sowing them on the surface of the soil. The seeds
remain dormant until environmental conditions allow them
to germinate and flourish, creating nectar and pollen-rich
habitat for pollinators. In this workshop we will be creating
seed balls for spring planting. This workshop is suitable
for families. (Children under 5 must be accompanied by a
caregiver.) FREE! In the LOBBY at Sunset Community

MAY 28 12-4pm Annual South Hill Festival – South Hill Celebrates on Fraser Street

Sharon Kallis will be engaging passers-by in simple basket making techniques, making forms that will be woven in to the community trellis project at Moberly’s new herb garden as a part of the Cultivating Connections Artist in Residency. No registration required

June 18th 11-1pm Sunset Community Centre

Musicians David Gowman and Daniel Lunn will be playing handmade horns and a suitcase drum kit in the front lobby of the Sunset Community Centre, David will talk about the Moberly artist in Residence project, Cultivating Connections and the pan flute and rhythm stick project that will be happening with children as a part of Moberly Summer Art Camps. No registration required

Community Trellis Weave at Moberly Arts Centre

June 21, 22, 28, 29   Tues., Wed. 6-9pm The community is invited to spend some evenings this summer working with artists Sharon Kallis and David Gowman in the building of garden edging, a trellis and a woven border for Moberly’s new herb garden. Using branches from park board maintenance trimming, participants will learn both simple sculptural weaving techniques and basketry methods while collaboratively turning the herb garden into a unique focal point for the Moberly Arts Centre. No registration required.

Cultivating Connections will culminate in a community tea party celebration:

Monday July 25
Moberly Cultural Herb Garden at the Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre

Other Tea Parties at MOP garden:

June 26: Twilight Tea Party 8-10pm

with installations by David Floren, Robin Ripley, Lori Weidenhammer, Peter Courtmanche, Naomi Singer

bring a flashlight and celebrate the long days and the setting sun with solar powered lanterns, phosphorescent installations and the tea tent.

Sunday August 28 1-4pm The Shade and Song Tea Party

Join us for the last MOPARRC party of the season! Enjoy the new shade structure made by community while sipping tea brewed from herbs in the MOP tea bed and served from the crochet tent. Wear your garden hat with the widest brim! Performances by the Legion of Flying Monkeys with The MOPARRC Community Pan Flute ensemble. Have a garden tour of the work grown on site by David Gowman and Pierre Leichner

Just announced!

M.O.P. garden bed jamjar textile dying

Monday September 5th 1-3.30pm

Penny Coupland will lead participants on a tour of the MOP garden, showing the variety of plants on site that can be used for dyes, Emily Smith will lead a workshop in jamjar dying, using water, the sun and simple mordents. jam jars can be left in the garden to “stew” or taken home and left in a sunny place for 24-48 hours for steeping.
participants need to bring:glass or plastic jam jars with lids, wool or silk fibres, pen and labels for jars, and a notebook.
free, but: register on eventbrite here

Oliver Kellhammer: M.O.P. founding artist


Sunday September 18th 10-11.30am

In his talk, Kellhammer will outline his concept of ‘open source landscape,’ a design philosophy he incorporated into his 2003 founding of the Means of Production project. Open source landscapes are generative and evolve as a function of the interplay between their human and non-human constituents, with a minimum of top-down aesthetic control. The result is a kind of ecological palimpsest that  constantly adapts to those who participate. Kellhammer will also present a short history of the project and highlight some of the interesting plants on the site and their ethnobotanical significance.

Oliver Kellhammer is a Canadian land artist, permaculture teacher, activist and writer. His botanical interventions and public art projects demonstrate nature’s surprising ability to recover from damage. His work facilitates the processes of environmental regeneration by engaging the botanical and socio-political underpinnings of the landscape, taking such forms as small-scale urban eco-forestry, inner city community agriculture and the restoration of eroded railway ravines. His process is essentially anti-monumental – as his interventions integrate into the ecological and cultural communities that form around them, his role as artist becomes increasingly obscured. He describes what he does as a kind of catalytic model-making, which lives on as a vehicle for community empowerment while demonstrating methods of positive engagement with the global environmental crisis.

Location: Means of Production Community Garden, North China Creek Park, Corner of St Catherine Street and East 6th Avenue Note: Uneven terrain so proper foot wear is recommended.

For more information about the garden events email, or better yet, sign up for our monthly newsletter on the righthand side bar.

MOPARRC wishes to thank Arts and Culture Office, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation,  The Environmental Youth Alliance, and The Canada Council.

 Herstory Cafe and MOPARRC presented

Women with Green Thumbs: Celebrating the Creative and Curious History of Gardeners of Vancouver

Thursday May 12th, 7pm-9pm location : Rhizome Café, 317 E Broadway (near Kingsway)

Senior artist and accomplished gardener Catherine Shapiro will give an artist talk focussing on ways that gardening has inspired her painting, drawing, and sculpture. Catherine’s talk will be followed by story circles facilitated by other women with green thumbs. This is an opportunity to socialize with other enthusiastic gardeners in the community and a chance for you to share your own gardening stories while sampling Rhizome Café’s fabulous menu.

This is a chance for young and new gardeners to meet experienced gardeners in the community and for the generations to meet and inspire one another.

Catherine Shapiro has been an artist and an organic gardener for forty years. As part of her art practise Catherine loves researching history, focussing on ethnobotany and family history. Her projects often span several years of digging into the archives in between digging in the soil. She has worked with a variety of materials and techniques, including making paper from plant fibres from her garden and the natural environment. She has worked with The Public Dreams Society, All Souls (Mountainview Cemetery), the Powell Street Festival, and has exhibited in many galleries in the Pacific Northwest including The Pitt Gallery, the Simon Fraser University Gallery, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden and the Burnaby Art Gallery. Catherine grew up in the Hollywood Hills; having lived in San Francisco and the northern town of Wells, B.C. before moving to Vancouver, she has experienced gardening in a variety of climates. She was the first head gardener at City Farmer Demonstration Garden in Vancouver, with a passion for permaculture. Catherine is truly a lifelong learner and a vivacious story teller.

Host: Lori Weidenhammer aka Madame Beespeaker is a community-based performance artist and a member of MOPARRC.

The Herstory Cafe is a get together where women’s history buffs can meet, hear a presentation and socialize.



Seasonal Markers were events at the garden marking the change in the growing season in 2009

Three tea parties were held at MOP:
April 26
June 21
September 13

Each tea party event is tied to a sculpture being unveiled that has been made on site with the community  using materials grown on site.

Join artist Sharon Kallis the third Saturday of every month from 2-4pm to participate in the development, design and construction of each sculptural work.

Saturday Feb. 21, March 21 and April 18 will involve working with the recently coppiced ( harvested ) Hazel wood, to make a common’s gate that will mark the terrain of M.O.P as both a “creative common’s” as originally intended by Oliver Kellhammer and as a community garden that is “common ground.”

Watch the video of the last Artist Tea Party in 2008:

Building a common’s gate workshops: Saturdays, Feb. 21, Mar. 21, Apr. 18,
Location: Means of Production Community Garden, North China Creek Park, Corner of St. Catherine and East 6th Ave. Note: Uneven terrain so proper foot wear is recommended

After the MOP work parties help in the designing and building of a common’s gate from the harvested Hazelwood. The gate will be installed on site at the garden as a physical manifestation of MOP, both as the creative property commons and as an artwork instigated by Oliver Kellhammer. The idea being that the community garden is common ground for all to enjoy.


May 10/09


Follow the results of Garden Gnomad’s travels, by watching this album of Garden Gnomad Postcards (click on the above image).

Follow the ideas and comments about the project here:

April 20/09

Garden Gnomad is visiting community gardens and other sites of urban agriculture in 2009 to take photos, leave photo postcards and have a conversation.

More information: about_gardengnomad

If you would like Garden Gnomad to visit you in your garden or field, please contact Lois Klassen – loiszing[at]


April 6/09

Garden Gnomad is nearly ready to visit farms & gardens in the city. Follow the blog and contact Lois Klassen to arrange a visit to your site of urban agriculture! loiszing[at]telus[dot]net.

Mar 4/09

Garden Gnomad Research & Development is continuing here at the Banff New Media Institute (for the month of March). To enable more space for the observations and outcomes, visit this dedicated blog:

09klassenA wandering garden archival system by Lois Klassen to interview and document community gardeners in Vancouver- coming soon!

Feb 17/09 – I am off to the Liminal Screen Residency at the Banff Centre this week. It is the site for the fine tuning of this creature called GG… I will try to keep this blog active with developments and discoveries.

Garden Gnomad in progress
Garden Gnomad in progress
GG's power
GG’s power

This is how far I’ve got with the Garden Gnomad so far. Thank you to Carl Wiebe for joining me in R&D and for doing most of the construction this weekend. A nice coincidence was reading about & seeing the work of a couple of collaborating artist family teams last week: the Boyle Family (quite an approach to landscape!) and the Bomford father & sons, whose work Office of Special Plans is now showing at the Vancouver Art Gallery. (Here is a link to a similar work that they built at the Or Gallery: For Fools & Traitors Nothing)

I took one of my sons and his friends to see Office of Special Plans last week. We were all inspired by the seriously extravagent approach to play that was made real in the work. After hearing Cedric Bomford speak of the hard work (over a year? two?) that they all had to devote to this construction, I thought that working in a team makes for greater committment to the project and greater ambition in the vision.

Office of Special Plans is like a very ambitious tree fort, all of it constructed from reclaimed plywood and boards. GG is nowhere near as extravagant, but I do want it to invite outdoor, environmental fun and exploration somehow. It has a long way to go!


Lori Weidenhammer aka Madame Beespeaker Presents:

The Artist Run Bee Garden

In 2009 Lori Weidenhammer turned the annual bed at the MOP into a bee garden with the help of garden designer Jean Kindratsky. She saved seeds to distribute to the public and gave tours of the garden.

Bean Poles and Beyond: Saturday, February 14, 10am-12pm
Location: Means of Production Community Garden, North China Creek Park, Corner of St. Catherine and East 6th Ave. Note: Uneven terrain so proper foot wear is recommended.

Join us for a hazel coppicing workshop with Oliver Kellhammer. Learn about the oldest form of woodland management. Coppicing involves cutting of stems down to the stump, allowing them to re-grow and produce multiple stems called poles. Hazel poles are harvested approximately every eight years and fashioned into a wide range of products, including hazel fencing, rustic furniture, bean poles and now art installations! Learn by doing. Dress for the weather.

Creative Bee Gardening with Madame Beespeaker and Friends
Saturday, February 21, 2-4 pm – Free
Location: Mount Pleasant Community Centre
3161 Ontario Street at 16th Avenue, Tel: (604) 713-1888

It’s that time of year when we all start ordering seeds and dreaming of the blossoms, ripe fruit and vegetables we will plant in our gardens. Learn how you can help honeybees and native bees by adding plants to your garden that will nourish our urban pollinators while filling your backyard or balcony with the fruits of your creative spirit. We will take the time to sketch out our ideas and share our passion for gardening with each other. Gardeners of all ages and abilities are welcome!

Join Master Beekeeper and Master Gardener Brian Campbell, artist Lori Weidenhammer (aka Madame Beespeaker) and other gardeners in our midst for an afternoon of collaborative brainstorming.

Space is limited, please RSVP: or call the Mount Pleasant Community Centre 604-731-1888

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