Notes from Community…

An interesting thing about the garden and the workshops: sometimes a few days after participating one can still be thinking about the experience. We encourage all MOP event participants to leave your thoughts or comments here.

Fondly, moparrc’ ers

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  1. ernie sunndwn shergold says:

    there is nothing like re-turning to your…roots.. (cave dwellers) at the m.o.p. garden for relieving stress and the anxiety of big city living. Sharon, David and the m.o.p crew are wonderful, welcoming, hard-working, talented hosts.

  2. There is something magical about the M.O.P Garden, a humbling re-awakening to the realities of where our materials come from, what it takes to produce them and process them into our desired form… The youth volunteers are committed and marvelous weeders, keeping bind weed and buttercup at bay, and enjoying freshly picked raspberries down the hill in the orchard.

    M.O.P is one of the most interesting and beautiful spaces I have the opportunity to visit!

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