Lucy-Jo Hudson Hospital Scare: Emergency Visit and Blood Transfusions


So, there’s some concerning news from Lucy-Jo Hudson, the Hollyoaks star. She had a bit of a health scare recently that landed her in the hospital. The 40-year-old actress spilled the beans on her Instagram on Sunday night, letting everyone know that she got admitted on Thursday due to some mysterious health issue.

Lucy-Jo Hudson Serious Blood Transfusions

Lucy-Jo spilled the tea that she had to go through not one but two emergency blood transfusions. Now, the reason behind this dramatic medical move was her hemoglobin levels hitting rock bottom. Hemoglobin, that’s the stuff in your red blood cells responsible for shipping oxygen to your tissues. And when it gets too low, that’s a red alert for your body.

What Happen with Lucy-Jo Hudson?

Lucy-Jo shared some pics of the whole transfusion process. You can see her chilling in a hospital bed, rocking a gown. Despite all this medical drama, she dropped the bomb that doctors are still playing Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out what’s wrong with her. In her own words, “I’m booked in for more tests next week to get to the bottom of all of this.”

Big Love for NHS Heroes

Big shout-out time! Lucy-Jo wanted to give a massive thank you to the NHS staff at Salford Royal. She name-dropped Robert Jackson and Freddy, along with the nurses from the emergency assessment unit, showing them some love for having her back during this challenging episode.

Reminder on Self-Care

Lucy-Jo, while chilling at home and recharging, took a moment to drop some wisdom. In a world that’s often crazier than a rollercoaster, she threw out a gentle reminder about self-care. It’s like she’s saying, “Hey, we all need a bit of tender loving care in this mad world.” Preach!

Lucy-Jo Hudson Journey: On and Off Screen

Known for rocking Hollyoaks as Donna-Marie Quinn, Lucy-Jo’s been making waves in the showbiz scene. She hopped onto Hollyoaks in 2018, but she recently wrapped up her last scenes this year. Besides the soap life, she’s had roles in Wild at Heart and Coronation Street.

Love, Marriage, and Carter

On the personal front, Lucy-Jo was hitched to her Coronation Street co-star Alan Halsall. They had a solid nine-year run before parting ways in 2018. They’re co-parents to Sienna-Rae, who joined the fam in 2013. Lucy-Jo’s now with Lewis Devine, and they had their own bundle of joy, Carter, in February 2020.

Previous Carter Scare: Nuts and Tears

Remember this summer’s episode? Lucy-Jo shared a nail-biting moment involving her little one, Carter, who faced a nut allergy scare. He went into full-on anaphylactic shock after munching on a snack with traces of nuts. Lucy-Jo’s Insta tale was like a heart-pounding thriller, and she gave props to Ormskirk Hospital for being the heroes who saved Carter.

As Lucy-Jo Hudson rides this latest rollercoaster of health drama, we’re all glued to the screens, hoping for a speedy recovery for this beloved actress.